Invest in Mozambique

In recent years Mozambique has become a popular tourist destination. Its proximity to South Africa has made Mozambique a very viable property investment. Property development companies have latched on to the country’s natural potential and Mozambique is fast becoming a sought after property investment destination.

The country has experienced a peaceful transition from a 20-year civil war to multi-party democracy.  Economic stability, a growing business sector and low inflation have seen the country move quickly towards the free-market model.  Combined with positive investment legislation, friendly people and beautiful location, this has added to a rise in foreign investments.

There are a number of properties for sale in Mozambique, particularly in the tourism sector, in the form of holiday homes both sole ownership and fractional ownership.  The question is how does one legally invest in Mozambique.

Fractional ownership and timeshare (holiday homes) is a relatively new concept in the country and is something that has only recently entered Mozambique’s legal agenda.  The legal provision for these types of ownership is both complicated and rigid.

Your developer should be able to offer advice and help on this subject if you are interested to invest in Mozambique.  But the reality is that the legislation has not been tested and anyone looking at timeshare or fractional ownership investment should get some independent legal advice for peace of mind.  This will enable the investor to be sure that the system being used is sound and that their investment is secured and also that there are no hidden costs or obligations.

San Martinho Beach Club™ in Bilene, Mozambique, is being developed by the Beekman Group.  The Beekman Group is one of South Africa’s leading participants in the development and management of properties.

San Martinho is being developed on Bilene’s natural lagoon and is set on 43 hectares of stunning indigenous forest.  With 1.3 kilometers of beach and lagoon access, the San Martinho Beach Club™ is a fishing and boating paradise.