Keeping Your Kids Entertained On Long Journeys

Remember long trips in a hot car travelling to Grandma’s house playing “I spy” or singing “99 Green Bottles”? If the idea of repeating this with your own kids sends shivers down your spine and if you dread hearing those four horrible words – “Are we there yet?” – read on. We have a few tips on how to keep your kids entertained when travelling this festive season.

  • Make Bingo sheets before travelling to include some things you may see on your journey. For example, a petrol station, a speed sign, birds, a red car, a plane, a troop of monkeys etc.
  • Use technology to your advantage. Load their favourite movies on a tablet, Game Boy, PSP, or portable DVD player. If you travel a lot you may even want to consider installing DVD players in the seats.
  • Penalise them for naughty behaviour. In the beginning of the journey give each child about 20 R1 coins. Then set the rules – e.g. no fighting, complaining, asking “are we there yet”, fogging the window etc. For every offense, collect a coin. The child with the most money at the end of the trip wins it all.
  • Give them each an iPod or MP3 player with their favourite books being read aloud. You can download or buy some online.
  • Download some new games from the app store and keep your tablet’s charger handy.
  • Have them take photos of the moving scenery and award a prize for the best photo when you arrive at your destination. For example, Jimmy wins best “running tree” and Suzie wins for best “marshmallow cloud formation”.
  • Play “I Spy” – it’s timeless!