San Martino Beach Club cares

San Martinho Beach Club™ is very much involved in upliftment projects for the local community, and these are just some projects that we have completed over the last few years:

  • The resort has drilled two boreholes and built a place for locals to wash their clothes so that they don’t have to do laundry or ablutions in the river any more. Also, this has given the locals access to clean water.
  • A big block of public toilets was built in town as the few existing ones were not kept in very good condition. These toilets have been handed over to the municipality and someone has been employed to maintain them and keep them clean.
  • The resort changes its linen once every three years and we ask local leaders to choose the neediest in the community to donate old linen to. The next handover is next month.
  • The resort has an annual fun day where people from the local government as well as the community put together teams and participate in games, where they have a chance to win some prizes.
  • The resort’s gardeners give cuttings of the plants in the resort to local nurseries around Bilene so they can grow and sell them as well.
  • A local orphanage is also a regular recipient of various donations from time to time.