When in Bilene

Mimic the slow pace of town, take your time and explore Bilene on foot or bicycle, which is a pleasant and fun experience. We have bikes for hire from the Entertainment Kiosk. Don’t forget to bring some cash in case you want to purchase food, souvenirs or anything from the local market – hardly any establishments accept card payments.

At the local market, sample one of the best loved local delicacies: cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are best eaten roasted! These delicious nuts are available from the local market or street vendors. Of course there’s the fresh seafood. Freshly caught fish, prawns and other seafood are available from the local fishermen or from the market in town.

Enjoy the local foods of Bilene such as the Mozambican chicken, fish and popular local snack prawn rissois. For more information on where to eat, please enquire at reception.