9 Mistakes People Make Whilst On Holiday

We’ve all made mistakes on holiday – from packing the wrong clothes to forgetting cell phone chargers. And haven’t we all looked back on a holiday with a thought of “I should have…”? Prepare yourself properly for your next holiday and avoid these pitfalls:

Holiday Pitfall #1: Packing too much You don’t need five pairs of shoes for a two week holiday! A holiday is a time for rest and relaxation – you’ll probably never need those extra pairs of heels or red cowboy boots. Pack a pair of boots, sneakers/comfortable walking shoes and informal shoes (sandals/ballet pumps/flip flops – depending on your style). The same goes for clothing. If you wear it to work, you probably won’t wear it on holiday. Pack comfortable clothes that can take you from a day outing to an evening dinner.

Holiday Pitfall #2: Not planning well Make checklists of everything you need to do and take note of any helpful destination specific advice when planning your holiday. Take the time and effort to get your plans in order, especially when it comes to:

– Packing your bags – Preparing your self-catering meals – Finding out what you can and can’t take across a border and into a different country – Border post operating times – Planning your budget – Travelling arrangements such as servicing your car before the journey, directions to your destination, check-in and check-out times, times of flights etc. – Activities – research some things to do in the area

Holiday Pitfall #3: Taking pictures of everything Cell phones, tablets and digital cameras have made it very easy to capture precious memories. However, don’t get carried away with taking too many photos that you forget to take in the scenery, the environment, the people around you, the sounds, and most importantly, the people you’re travelling with.

Holiday Pitfall #4: Doing too much or too little Don’t be so busy on your holiday that you’ll end up needing another holiday after you’re done! But also don’t waste the opportunity to take part in fascinating activities in the area. One outing per day is a good balance. Take it all in and make the most of everything you experience. Holiday Pitfall #5: Not taking enough spending money Be sure to spend some time on your holiday budget. Do some research on your destination and pen down some activities that you would like to do. Also make sure that you know what the activities cost and make provision for it.

Holiday Pitfall #6: Not packing medicine Falling ill whilst on holiday is a sure way to destroy your budget. If you take chronic medication or if you have allergies, make sure to pack enough to last you throughout your holiday. Take some basic medicine for nausea, upset tummies, colds and pain as well. When going to Mozambique, you will require a copy of your doctor-issued script for any prescribed medication to give to the dispensing chemist. Also remember that it’s advisable to take anti-malaria medication before visiting Mozambique.

Holiday Pitfall #7: Not informing your bank that you’re travelling internationally Nothing is worse than being in a foreign country with a blocked credit card or limited withdrawals. Inform your banking institution ahead of time of your travelling plans and the dates you’ll be out of the country. Ensure that you have the international emergency contact number of your bank in the event of a lost or stolen credit or debit card.

Holiday Pitfall #8: Not getting holiday insurance Many credit cards companies and banks offer free travel insurance especially for international travels. If you’re travelling locally, make sure to enquire with your holiday provider about insurance options in case of an emergency.

Also add a Pitfall #9: Not complying with governmental border control formalities Ensure the validity of your passports, that no entry visas are required and, for departure and entry into South Africa, that all children under sixteen are in possession of unbridged Birth Certificates.

We hope this helped. What mistakes have you made on holiday that you have learned from?