Uembje Lagoon’s New Swimming Area at San Martinho Beach Club

Exciting news echoes through Bilene as San Martinho Beach Club proudly introduces a new dimension of leisure – a meticulously demarcated swimming area nestled in the Uembje Lagoon. This 25m x 60m aquatic zone is not just a safety measure; it’s an exciting addition to our resort facilities.

Having a safe and stress-free swimming experience takes centre stage. The designated zone offers a distinct area that is separate from the various water-based facilities (such as canoeing, boat cruises, and fishing charters) that guests can also enjoy in the lagoon.

In addition, having a dedicated swimming area helps protect the lagoon’s ecosystem. By concentrating all our guests’ swimming activities in one zone, the rest of the lagoon will experience a lighter footprint, and water quality will remain in pristine condition.

Come experience the captivating allure of Uembje Lagoon at San Martinho Beach Club and uncover the newfound charm that has elevated Bilene to a whole new level of cool!