Meet the San Martinho Beach Club Team

Behind every successful resort is a qualified and passionate team, and San Martinho Beach Club™ is no exception to that rule. This Month we would like to tell you a little bit about the fantastic people that make this dream destination the pristine and wonderful place that it is.

When we asked the staff to tell us why they had chosen to work at San Martinho Beach Club™ and continue to do so, the responses were touching as our resort manager, Marianne, can testify. Some commented that they loved working for “the most famous resort in Bilene”. While many agree that with the resorts employment they are able to provide a much better quality of life for their families.

Armando, who works in reception is extremely proud to work for a resort that he feels absolutely distinguishes itself from the rest in the area, by doing its utmost to help its staff and the community. He is proud to work for a growing resort that in turn supports his personal career growth.

The staff all agree that they enjoy the strong sense of team work within their departments. They also refer to clients as “My Clients” taking ownership of the tasks at hand and their service delivery.

There are so many touching stories from the San Martinho Beach Club™ staff members and you can rest assured that your investment and holiday are always in excellent hand with such a dedicated team.