Mozambique cracks the whip on police corruption

Following pressure by Mozambique’s Tourism Authority and the Anti-Corruption Agency (CTA), the country’s Minister of Police has announced that a new scheme will be introduced shortly to stop any police bribery and protect the interests of visiting tourists. This scheme will involve:

  1. The Minister and CTA officially signing an agreement to work together. This will be written and signed by the beginning of June.
  2. A pamphlet is to be printed and distributed at borders, travel agents, hotels etc that list the following: – Road, car, police rules and regulations – this will be fleshed out properly, the police will give you their list of criteria and fines etc. – A helpline number for each Mozambican province – also an email address for reporting good and bad police behaviour – This pamphlet will be compiled and presented to the Minister on 12 June for approval.
  3. The Minister and CTA to meet with police forces manning the roads to introduce this pamphlet and system
  4. All police will be equipped with a POS machine (we are not sure of the timeframe) where fines will be paid on the spot. This will ensure that the fines are legal and paid directly into the bank and not into anyone’s pocket.