Mozambique’s Extensive Offshore Gas Fields: How You Can Benefit!

Blessed with having the world’s third largest known natural gas reserves within its territorial waters, Mozambique has attracted investment from major players in the global energy industry. Development of the country’s gas reserves is likely to require $50 billion. The latest investment initiative under consideration is the construction of gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants in the country. GTL plants use natural gas as a feedstock to produce fuel such as diesel and as such are likely to be more beneficial to the Mozambican economy than simply converting natural gas to liquefied natural gas for export.

South Africa’s Sasol, which has partnered with Mozambique’s ENH and Italy’s ENI, operates an offshore exploration block in the Rovuma basin. This block is estimated to hold up to 85 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. To put this volume into perspective: PetroSA’s GTL plant in Mossel Bay, with a capacity of 35 000 barrels a day, would only consume 1 trillion cubic feet of gas in 20 years of operations! Gas production from the Rovuma basin is expected to start in 2018. According to Sasol, a GTL plant to process this natural gas would take around 6 years to become a reality (from the feasibility stage to actual production) and require at least $1 billion investment for every 10 000 barrels a day of capacity.

No major investor will commit itself upfront to these huge investment amounts if it feared any risk to its investment from political instability. So, a belief in the long term stability of Mozambique, regardless of which political party is in power, can be concluded from this investment news.

Inward foreign investment into the natural gas sector has the following positive knock-on effects:

  • Major improvements to Mozambique’s infrastructure, such as roads, harbours and airports
  • There will be more direct air links between Mozambique and the source countries of this investment
  • The investing companies are establishing local offices to represent their interests
  • These offices are usually staffed by qualified expatriates to supervise the development of the infrastructure: they are usually well paid in US dollars and have spending power
  • These expatriates will explore Mozambique as a leisure destination whilst in the country
  • As these expatriates travel back and forth to their home countries or have family join them, the attractions of Mozambique as a destination becomes known to a wider global audience
  • By the time the first gas field comes online in 2018, Mozambique will be a “must see destination” on the international travel scene
  • As foreign revenue is generated through the export of its gas products, Mozambique’s already impressive annual Gross Domestic Product earnings will propel it to the super league of Africa’s economies – it will rival Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa as an economic powerhouse
  • This increased GDP will significantly enlarge Mozambique’s middle class, who will now have increased disposable income for domestic and international holidays
  • The above all bodes well for the growth of the tourism sector

How you can benefit:

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