One less queue at the border

If you’re travelling to Mozambique by car, you should remember to get third party motor car insurance before entering the country. This is a requirement that you can get at the border. The bad news is that the queues are sometimes long and it’s no fun sitting in the car, in the heat, waiting your turn to get this necessary document. The good news is, you can actually purchase the insurance even before getting to the Mozambique border!

Getting your insurance beforehand means avoiding being harassed by “border agents” who insist on assisting you with obtaining your insurance. Your insurance certificate is issued in advance at the same price as at the border and is valid for 30 days from the day you enter Mozambique. Here are the places where you can purchase your third party motor car insurance before getting to the border:

  • Purchase it online now. Click here
  • Outdoor Warehouse – all stores across the country
  • The AA of South Africa. All Travel shops
  • Brent Oil Garage N4 Highway, Nelspruit – (013) 752 5006
  • BP Filling Station N4 Highway, Komatipoort – 082 222 7357
  • Sasol Garage N4 Highway, Komatipoort – 084 800 7467
  • Mozambique Tourism Bureau, White River – (013) 750 1733
  • Scuba Scene Menlynpark, Pretoria – (012) 368 1437
  • LA Promotions – Contact Lyn Adams 083 588 0217
  • Smit Garrun Brokers, Tzaneen – (015) 307 5587
  • ZC Pretoruis Brokers, Louis Trichardt – (015) 516 5620
  • Turnkey Travel, Tzaneen – (015) 781 1037
  • Alre Brokers, Phalaborwa – (015) 781 3921
  • Lowveld Camp and Gas, Hoedspruit – (015) 793 2200
  • Total Garage Kosibay, Manguze (035) 592 0648

Why is this necessary? Mozambique does not have a Third Party Road Accident Fund like South Africa. The Mozambican authorities need to be assured that if any liability is incurred by the use of foreign registered vehicles on their roads, there is a Mozambican registered insurance company that will assume any liabilities on behalf of the insured.