Ressano Garcia’s One-Stop Border Post is now open

The one-stop border post between Mozambique and the Republic of South Africa started operating in Lebombo, on the South African side of the border this month.

The one-stop border post serves passengers travelling in semi-collective or public transport. Separating travellers according to category allows shorter queues at the border.

According to a National Migration Service (Senami) statement, the opening of the border post will not affect the operation of the tourist border, which will continue to operate from 6am to 12am.

Senami says a date for extending operating times to 24 hours a day has not yet been set, but will be officially announced by ministers on both sides of the border in due course.

Twenty-four hour operation is expected to expedite the movement of goods and people, reduce congestion and delays, and lower the cost of cross-border trade.

Source: Canalmoz