Seychelles national carrier wants to fly to Mozambique

Air Seychelles national carrier is studying the possibility of establishing direct flights to Mozambique

This is according to Radio Mozambique, following a recent tourism conference involving four SADC member countries – Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and the Seychelles – that took place in late July on Mahe Island in the Seychelles. Mozambique participated in the conference with a delegation combining both public and private sectors headed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The Fourth Investment Conference provided the four countries with an opportunity to showcase their investment potential and opportunities in regional tourism. According to the Investment Minister of Seychelles, this tourism co-operation project is a step in the right direction. The minister said that SADC countries should learn to take full advantage of their potential in all areas, including air routes. According to the Minister, “our national carrier is studying the possibility of establishing direct links with Maputo in Mozambique, Durban in South Africa, and possibly Swaziland within the coming months. Passengers can then easily access destinations in the Middle East, India and the Far East via Air Seychelles’ island hub”.