Signs That You Need A Holiday

Life is cyclical. We all go through seasons of ups and downs but that doesn’t mean we can’t help the wheel turn a little bit in our favour. But how? Research has proved that going on a holiday is great for mind, body and soul so it’s definitely one of the best ways of getting yourself out of the dumps and putting a big smile on your face.

Here are a few red lights to indicate that you may really be in need of a holiday:

  1. Monday mornings are like something from hell.
  2. Often people’s first words to you are “You look sooo tired!”
  3. You can’t concentrate on anything.
  4. You snap easily.
  5. You have imaginary (but intense!) arguments with colleagues.
  6. You cry when you watch TV – even during MasterChef.
  7. You are just plain, good old-fashioned tired.

There is something about holidays

What is it about a holiday that makes you feel human again? And we’re talking about a real holiday – one where you pack your bags and leave your home. Why is a change of scenery so important? Here are a few reasons:

  1. You’ll have time to relax and just breathe When you never take time to stop and relax you become grumpy, sick and unproductive. During a holiday, your body goes into a period of recuperation. You’ll feel the physical changes from your holiday almost immediately. Your shoulders won’t be in a permanent knot, you’ll get fewer headaches and you’ll be able to get going in the morning without a strong cup of black coffee. In the long run, this means that your risk for stress-related diseases like heart attacks and strokes may even lower because you’re taking care of your body and mind.
  2. You’ll have time to be active If you’re already diligent with your workout routine you’ll know how important it is to stay active to combat stress. Holidays allow you to stay active in a fun way that will help to increase your energy levels and better your mood. Nothing is more refreshing than going for a long walk on the beach, hiking in the mountains or spending your days in the pool.
  3. You’ll get to spend quality time with your family It’s unfortunate, but between work, school and all our other commitments we tend to live past each other – even the people we share a home with. When last did you spend an entire day just laughing and having fun with your spouse or your kids without worrying about something you need to do later? When last did you all sit around one table to enjoy a meal? During holidays you and your loved ones get to bond in a relaxed and fun environment – it’s where great memories are made.
  4. It’s good for your health Studies have shown that going on holiday can increase your resistance to heart-related diseases, reduces stress and improves your sleep pattern. Another big bonus when on holiday is the conversion of cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D3 when spending time in the sun. In general we also tend to laugh more when on holiday. Frequent laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels and boost immune system cells, called T cells. No wonder they say laughter is the best medicine!
  5. You’ll be more creative afterwards Not only will your brain be more relaxed after some time off, but you’ll be inspired by your new environment. That’s why it’s also important to try new things whilst on holiday. Go see a movie you’ll not usually watch, do an activity that scares you a little bit and eat something you’ve never tried before. All these experiences will contribute to a higher level of creativity and help generate new ideas.

So with this in mind, start planning your next holiday. We can’t wait to host you and your loved ones at one of our resorts.