South Africa, China & Portugal lead in new investments in Mozambique in 2013

South Africa, China and Portugal were the countries whose companies made the most new investments in Mozambique in 2013, according to figures from the country’s Investment Promotion Centre (CPI), which approved 418 foreign investment projects worth US$1.363 million.The list of new projects approved by the Mozambican state organisation includes 41 countries, headed by South Africa (US$364 million), followed by China (US$299 million) and Portugal (US$171 million). Switzerland (US$148 million), Germany (US$140 million), the United Arab Emirates (US$53 million), Uganda (US$37 million), Mauritius (US$29 million), Italy (US$27 million) and the United Kingdom (US$25 million) complete the top ten list of investors in Mozambique.

In the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) and excluding Portugal, only Angola (US$1.6 million) and Brazil (US$1.4 million) implemented new projects in Mozambique through the CPI. In 2013 total investment approved by the CPI was US$4.224 billion for 515 projects, US$569.7 billion of which were national investments and US$2.291 billion in funds and loans. Overall the Industrial sector, with US$1.613 billion, was the sector that attracted most investment, followed by Agriculture and Agro-Industry (US$878 million), Transport and Communications (US$590 million), Services (US$491 million), Tourism and Hotels (US$370 million), Construction and Public Works (US$277 million) and Agriculture and Fishing (US$3 million).

The projects announced have potential to create 35,600 jobs.