South African Tourists Are Safe In Mozambique

Following the ugly scenes of xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals as recently witnessed in South Africa, we are fully aware of concerns being raised about the personal safety of South African tourists travelling through Mozambique.

Admittedly, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, there were reports last Thursday and Friday of pockets of Mozambicans protesting what was happening to their fellow citizens within South Africa – although vocal in nature, these protests resulted in no injury to anyone. This week calm has returned to Mozambique and it is business as usual for the country’s tourism sector. All border crossings with South Africa are fully operational and visitors are not encountering any personal antagonism from their Mozambican hosts. In addition, there is a significant increase in visible policing to further enhance the safety of visitors to Mozambique.

Rest assured that the welfare of our guests is paramount to us and you will be alerted immediately in the unlikely event of a deterioration of safe passage through Mozambique.