Top tips for a smooth Mozambique holiday

Mozambique is considered one of the world’s best tropical holiday destinations, and you will be surprised at how friendly and hospitable the locals are. Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting this stunning country from South Africa.

What you need:

If you’re driving to Mozambique be sure to have the below items with you.

  • Passport. Your passport should be valid 6 months after your return
  • SA passport holders do not require a visa
  • Driver’s license (South Africans do not need an international license)
  • Emergency triangles
  • Registration papers for vehicle AND trailer
  • Third party vehicle insurance

The local law:

  • It is not uncommon to be stopped at one of the local police checkpoints.
  • Wear seatbelts at all times
  • Stick to the speed limit (usually 40 or 50 kph in town and 120kph on the open roads)
  • Make sure your emergency triangles are stored in a visible spot
  • Red triangles are required if you’re towing and need to be displayed on the front of your vehicle and the back of your trailer
  • If you do get stopped, be polite and patient
  • Firearms should not be brought into Mozambique


  • The currency is Metical (pl. Meticais, pronounced meticash)
  • Take Rands or US dollars cash – credit cards are not accepted in most places in Mozambique
  • It is a good idea to exchange your Rands or Dollars for the local currency when you plan to do any shopping. Most shops will accept Rands or Dollars but you might get a bad exchange rate
  • Exchange money at banks (closed for siesta between 12h00 – 14h00