DriveMoz – Helping Tourists Drive Easy

DriveMoz is a Facebook group and community that has many benefits for its members. It is specifically focused on assisting travelers to Mozambique, with their preparations and offers guidance before departure and during your travels within Mozambique. It is a group of more than 40,000 members that use many ways to communicate with each other and is a real must for travelers within Mozambique.

Fellow members recognise each other by means of member stickers at the back of their vehicles and the police recognise members by means of a small windscreen sticker placed on the driver’s side. “DriveMozzers” are known for respecting the country, its rules, its citizens and fellow holiday makers. DriveMozzers have a special bond and assist each other wherever possible.

The DriveMoz website displays a lot of practical advice within their Members Only “Files” section and although some advice is displayed for non-members it is advisable to become a member to enjoy the full benefits of the website. Under ‘travel info” on the website you will see details where to buy your online compulsory 3rd party insurance, member’s stickers and even legally registered prepaid Mozambique Sim-cards and airtime to avoid expensive cellphone roaming tariffs.

Please click here to both read what’s on offer and to become a member by clicking on the “Join” option. Once you have entered your details, answer the 3 easy questions to ensure that you are a real person and not a spambot and submit. Once approved, you will have access to the wonderful library of information for your travel preparations and enjoyment. To open the Files Vault simply click the Facebook Icon to authenticate your membership.

Safe travels.