Independent study validates the San Martinho Beach Club’s ™ compliance with all Mozambican legalities

According to an independent study recently undertaken throughout Mozambique, the San Martinho Beach Club™ is one of only 31 resort developments in the entire country that are fully compliant with Mozambican legislation to both market and sell private holiday home ownership, whether as a sectional title or a timeshare, within their resort operating licences.

The study was undertaken by the well respected Mozambican legal expert, Mr Carlos Carvalho, who is determined to not only ensure that the rights of buyers of holiday accommodation at resort developments in Mozambique are fully protected but also to change the public misconception that fraudulent business practices are accepted in Mozambique. As part of the study, every Mozambican resort had to provide proof that they had the necessary operating permit, classified as “Periodic Housing Approval”, issued by Mozambique’s tourism regulatory body, MITUR. The San Martinho Beach Club™ was more than happy to oblige.

Tourism Licence Document

Tourism Licence Document (Translated)

For further information about Mr Carvalho’s intentions to protect the interests of all those who invest in resort developments marketing the concept of private holiday home ownership within Mozambique, please feel free to contact him via email